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JaVale McGee gave $100 bill to homeless man because he’s JaVale McGee (video)


Whenever the name of JaVale McGee is mentioned, it would be perfectly acceptable to include the comment, “That guy is strange” nearly every time. At least posts about the Denver Nuggets big man on this here site certainly provide ample evidence to the young man’s uniqueness.

Well, another entry can be added to the pantheon of “Weird Things JaVale McGee has Done” now that he uploaded a video to Vine that shows him giving a $100 bill to a sleeping homeless man.

Why? Because he’s JaVale McGee. No further explanation really is needed.

Watch how McGee places the $100 bill gently under the sleeping homeless man, so as not to disturb the slumber of the benefactor of his generosity (via Vine):

While one cannot argue with the charitable nature of the act, one can question the motivation behind filming it and subsequently uploading the video to the Internet.

Perhaps questions such as these are unanswerable and unnecessary. Although McGee does ponder another mystery in a later tweet:

Yes, I wonder as well. Although if the homeless man in question had a thorough knowledge of McGee’s offbeat antics, I’d imagine he’d say, “I’ll have what he’s having.”

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