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College World Series vendor selling ‘Mississippi State Rebels’ shirts (pic)


The baseball team that represents Mississippi State University will be making the school’s ninth appearance in the College World Series when the team takes the field on Saturday against Oregon State at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Neb.

Because of their inclusion, it makes perfect sense that on Friday, a vendor was spotted selling memorabilia, specifically t-shirts, celebrating the school’s return to America’s heartland and by doing so, being so close to the pinnacle of college baseball competitive excellence.

The trouble is that the shirts were printed with the wrong team name. It’s the Mississippi State Bulldogs, not the Mississippi State Rebels. The Rebels, you see, is the team name Mississippi State’s in-state, SEC rivals, the University of Mississippi.



The shirts containing the egregious error reportedly have been pulled from circulation, returned to the manufacturer and will not be sold. Although, depending on how many were made, there’s a good chance, much like the Super Bowl Champion shirts bearing the team that lost, I imagine we might see some kids in Third World Countries wearing Mississippi State Rebels t-shirts in the months and years to come.

[The Mississippi Press, image via @blakekirbyreb]