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Carl Pettersson’s shot interrupted when his ball was hit by another ball (video)


The U.S. Open got off to a stormy start on Thursday at Merion Golf Club. Hijinks from a couple of bored players ensued during a couple of weather delays and now the field is attempting to play catch-up on Friday and get the tournament back on schedule.

But that doesn’t mean the oddities will cease. Case in point: As he lined up for his second shot into the green on the par-4 5th hole and just as he begins taking his club back, Swedish golfer Carl Pettersson’s ball was knocked out of place courtesy of an errant tee shot from the 2nd hole tee box off the club of Brandon Crick.

The rules of golf dictate that Pettersson was allowed to move his ball back to its original lie and swing away while Crick played his from where it ended up after colliding with Pettersson’s ball.

Never seen that before, man. But the way this week has gone thus far at Merion, it wouldn’t be surprising if other wacky things occur over the weekend.

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