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’70s Bruce Pearl rocking a killer afro is the best thing you’ll see all day (photo)


Bruce Pearl, who had a successful stint coaching the Tennessee Volunteers men’s basketball team before joining the ranks of the media as a college basketball analyst for ESPN, was something of a flamboyant fellow during his tenure at Tennessee.

Known for rocking outrageously garish orange suits on the sidelines from time to time, it looks like Pearl’s over-the-top persona was well in development — especially atop his head — during his halcyon days of youth, as evidenced by this magnificent photo that recently surfaced on reddit.

For comparative purposes, here’s a more current — but still hilarious — photo of what Bruce Pearl looks like in more modern times:


And here’s Bruce Pearl with an afro:


Check out that majestic and magnificent afro. It’s stunning. Absolutely stunning. I can only imagine the size of pick comb Pearl carried around to maintain the lushness and height. He must have burned through those bad boys like nobody’s business.

Amazing. Even these formerly diehard backers of Pearl during his time at Tennessee would be rendered speechless.

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