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Are you a fan of sports? Well then, this is the perfect shirt for you (photo)


I know what you’re thinking: “You know, I’m kinda just a general sports fan, not overly enthusiastic about one particular sport, let alone one particular team from a particular league or organization. Why hasn’t there ever been a shirt made just for me?”

Well, your prayers have been answered, person who unlikely doesn’t exist. The “Sports” shirt. In that, the shirt doesn’t specify an affinity for any specific team, player or sport, just sports.

Simple. Understated. Brilliant. And for the reasonable price of $12, you could say that it’s a crazy-good deal.

There is one caveat, however: 10 shirts need to be ordered before any will be printed. So why not be a good “sport” and order one? Seems like a reasonable thing to do to me.

And even better, it can double as a top you can wear to a Huey Lewis & The News concert. Win win.

[via reddit]