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Tigers fan rocks tiger outfit, matching tiger puppet at Tigers game (video)


A fan who clearly has a near-animistic affinity for the Detroit Tigers made the bold decision to go all-out with his get-up when he attended took in his team taking on the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday.

As you can see, this feline-favoring fan rocked a killer outfit, fully regaled in tiger stripes. And what kind of tiger-themed ensemble could be considered acceptable without a matching tiger puppet? None, that’s what kind.


He looks like the Catwoman’s pimp. (high five!)

That’s a risky endeavor. No, not to wear an outrageous outfit announcing your allegiance to the visiting team to a game in an opposing team’s ballpark. But to wear something that won’t breathe in the humid Kansas City weather. Talk about a sweaty situation.

And I would just love to see curmudgeonly Tigers skipper Jim Leyland get a gander at this fellow. Something tells me Old Jimmy wouldn’t get it.