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Rory McIlroy said he wanted to climb ‘Rocky’ steps in Philly, so he did (photos)


Earlier this week, as he prepared for the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club during which he hopes to get his floundering golf game back on track, Rory McIlroy intimated that he was considering heading into Philadelphia, just a short jaunt from Ardmore, to climb the famed steps Rocky Balboa first ran up before raising his arms in triumph in the original installment of the “Rocky” movie franchise.

The steps, located outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, now features a bronze sculpture of the rags-to-riches movie character, located at the bottom of the steps, not up on top where it was placed in “Rocky III.”

Anyhoo, during his media session on Tuesday, when asked if he had any plans to do something relaxing or fun off the course to take his mind off the pressure of a major championship, Rory hinted to the assembled reporters he might climb those famous steps.

Said Rory:

I’m actually I was half thinking of going to the steps in the city, the Rocky Steps. Wherever they are and going to run up those. Just because we are where we are. But I guess just get away from it. These can be long weeks. Especially, as a said, the ground’s going to be heavy, it’s going to be a tough walk out there. So conserve as much energy as you can in between rounds. Go for dinner. It’s good, NBA finals are on. So I’ll be following that closely with everyone else. Yeah, I guess just get your mind off golf for a few hours if you can and get ready for the next day.

And so he did, rocking a Philadelphia Phillies cap:

Yo, Caroline, I did it!! Come to think of it, Caroline Wozniacki, Rory’s longtime, Yoko Ono-esque girlfriend and similarly struggling professional athlete, has had essentially the exact opposite effect on Rory’s career than Adrian and her inspirational support did on Rocky’s. Just a thought.

McIlroy seems to have caught Philadelphia Fever as a result of his sojourn into the City of Brotherly Love, as he re-tweeted a photo from the official Twitter account of the Philadelphia Phillies rocking a team jersey:

And I bet he didn’t even feel like a “Kentucky Fried Idiot” striking the triumphant pose once again, either. Yes, I know that isn’t from “Rocky,” but come on, people, work with me.