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Wanna buy a Patriots-themed Tebowing shirt? Of course you do (photo)


It’s baaaaack… (actually it was never really gone, was it?)

Amid all the fanfare, speculation and madness of it all — not to mention Bill Belichick’s perturbed consternation — Tim Tebow mania (or Tebowmania for those who like catchy monikers) has captured the nation once again, particularly with folks residing in the New England area (perhaps much to their collective consternation as well).

But what is done is done. Tim Tebow — like it or not, Patriots fans — is a member of your storied, beloved and successful franchise. And with that previously unimaginable development, a whole bunch of extraneous stuff — most of it annoying — comes part and parcel with it. It’s a package deal, you see. Just ask fans of the Denver Broncos and New York Jets if confirmation is required.

To wit: For folks who already have pre-ordering a Tebow-Patriots jersey checked of their to-do list, a new item now available on eBay may capture your fancy.

A shirt featuring the Pat Patriot logo Tebowing. Yep. Tebowing is back, kiddos.

Via eBay:


Pretty snazzy. Pat Patriot is even wearing Tebow’s new jersey number. Neato.

And for $17, a more than reasonable price, one will be the proud owner of a shirt that will remain relevant and maintain a consistent spot in a person’s wardrobe rotation for a long, long time. Or until the Patriots cut Tebow during training camp in August. One of the two.

And yet, I remain nonplussed as to why in the heck I can’t order a Tim Tebow-as-a-Patriot Fathead. That’s ├╝ber-bummer, man.

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