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If you want to see a Lingerie Football League player puke, here you go (video)


To be honest, I haven’t given much thought to whether or not it would be compelling to watch a player from the Lingerie Football League (er, Legends Football League — yeah, right — if it walks like a duck, yadda yadda yadda) vomit in a garbage can. But now that I have seen it, frankly, I’m noncommittal on the extent that it is must-see video viewing.

Nevertheless, the Sportress is not here for me, it is here for you, my dear readers, so if there is at least one of you who cannot bear to live in a world where videos featuring Lingerie Football League (I’m sticking with it) players are nowhere to be found, breathe easy, as we got you covered at the Sportress of Blogitude.

Actually, that’s a great motto for the site: “Sportress of Blogitude: Where Vomiting Lingerie Football League Player Videos Happen.”

The video is chock-full of awkward, slightly ham-fisted goodness, but I cued it up to the 1:40 mark, because that’s when the puking magic occurs.

But first, here’s the YouTube description:

LFL Films takes you inside a David vs Goliath match up in the Heartland of American as heavy under-dog expansion Omaha Heart make their home debut in front of a sell-out crowd vs No. 1 ranked Jacksonville Breeze.

Fantastic. Now that the stage is set, let the vomiting into a garbage can commence!

WARNING: Video contains profanity. Viewer discretion is advised.

There you go. Not really much to add here except: You’re welcome.

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