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Did Tiger flick Rory’s ear during the U.S. Open champions dinner? (photo)


With severe weather already delaying play at the U.S. Open on Thursday at the Merion Golf Club, I guess we have to improvise in order to get our golf fix in any way possible.

So how about a delightful piece of photographic whimsy showing Tiger Woods gearing up to flick friendly rival Rory McIlroy in the ear during the Champions Dinner on Monday.

Via @OfftheBallNT:

When McIlroy first burst on the scene, the interplay between the two tremendously talented golfers had all the makings needed to establish a long and bitter rivalry. But the nature of the relationship between the two has settled significantly, perhaps in no small part as a result of Rory signing a mega-deal with Nike, a development that has prompted the two to work together on commercials and such.

In fact, you could say Rory and Tiger are downright chummy these days, as they were when these hilarious photos were taken of the fellas posing for pics in absolutely awkward fashion.

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