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Blatant Homerism

Whatever Chad Greenway is doing here — ballet? — it ain’t right (pic)


On Tuesday, Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier announced that veteran linebacker Chad Greenway will undergo a minor surgical procedure on his knee, knocking him out of participating in the remaining offseason practices, OTAs and whatnot.

The arthroscopic knee surgery on Wednesday also reportedly revealed residual fraying of the meniscus in the knee, although no word on whether or not that will prolong Greenway’s recovery time.

What we do know, however, is that Shot of Ginn has produced a rather amusing photograph of Chad Greenway doing something strange in a dimly lit establishment, presumably one that serves alcohol.

Seriously, what is he doing there? Pretending to be a ballet dancer and showing off his impeccable form while doing a développé (if that’s the correct ballet term)? Who knows? Whatever it was, it ain’t right. But it is funny.