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Taiwanese animators take on @KUboobs kerfuffle because boobs (video/photos)


While it seems that NMAWorldEdition, those wily rascals behind the delightful Taiwanese animation treatments we have grown to know and love, has decreased its output of top-notch sports-related videos, they are still around, cranking out good stuff worthy of our perusal.

On Tuesday, they tackled Tim Tebow joining the New England Patriots and on Wednesday, NMAWorldEdition filed a wonderful animated story about the huge, heaving @KUboobs kerfuffle.

If you hadn’t heard, the interwebs were whipped into a breast-obsessed frenzy this week after news surfaced that the University of Kansas served a cease and desist notice upon the creators of the @KUboobs Twitter account, not because of an aversion to the proud display of perky or voluptuous coed breasts, but due to the fact that the purveyors of @KUboobs were selling unauthorized Jayhawks merchandise.

Word came on Tuesday that @KUboobs, after experiencing a temporary shutdown, the account thankfully is back up and running now that it will no longer sell merchandise bearing the KU logo. Whew.

But even though NMAWorldEdition’s report doesn’t include that latest development, it is still a treat to watch, as you might have expected. It follows, along with some of the greatest hits and submissions that came into @KUboobs during the “#saveKUboobs” movement.

Boy, that guy in the bathroom? Talk about a strange way to get your hands on some @KUboobs merchandise. But there you go. That pretty much tells the entire story.

And now, @KUboobs. Back and on the attack (images via @KUboobs):

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Happy days are here again.