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Holy moly, that’s a lot of people working on one Merion bunker (photo)


Merion Golf Club has been under the deluge of torrential rains this week as the Pennsylvania course prepares to host the U.S. Open this week.

And with players showing up for practice rounds and the tournament set to kick-off on Thursday, it’s been a all-hands-on-deck approach as the grounds crew desperately attempts to get the course into acceptable playing shape.

Take for instance the nearly absurd amount of manpower that was dedicated to frantically trying to return a bunker on the 11th hole to tip-top shape on Monday.

I count at least twenty people either in or surrounding the bunker, most of them armed with a shovel or performing some semblance of work on the presumably washed-out sand trap.

Let’s put it this way: More people were involved and and more time was spent on that one measly bunker than likely will be dedicated to the maintenance of every single bunker on every municipal course we hacks will play over the course of the entire summer. Then again, it is the U.S. Open. I can only imagine how much rougher the already-brutal rough is at Merion after all this rain.

[H/T The700Level]