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Tiger Woods: Sergio Garcia has never personally apologized (Updated with video)


During his appearance in front of the assembled media for his Tuesday press conference at Merion Golf Club in advance of the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods claimed that Sergio Garcia has never apologized to him personally over the insensitive and perceptively bigoted remarks the Spanish golfer made following a feud that developed between the two in the wake of a incident when the two played together during a round at the BMW Championship a few weeks ago.

Sergio accused Tiger of provoking the crowd into making noise during a one of his swings, and things escalated from there. During a European Tour’s gala awards dinner in England, Garcia was asked if he intended to make peace with Woods at the U.S. Open, to which Garcia replied he would and that he would serve Tiger fried chicken at a dinner.

Woods subsequently slammed Garcia’s comments on Twitter and Garcia quickly made his heartfelt apologies in a hastily scheduled press conference, during which he claimed he intended to apologize to Tiger personally, saying he intended to do so “face to face.”

But, according to Tiger, Sergio has not extended that personal apology, despite the fact that the two shook hands before a practice round on Monday (below).

UPDATE: Video from Tiger’s presser follows.

When asked Tuesday about Sergio’s supposed plan to personally apologize and whether or not it had occurred, Tiger said, “No, we haven’t had time for that.” Then, in an attempt to sidestep the issue and move on, Tiger added, “It’s already done. It’s time for the US Open. We tee it up in two days.”

Via Golf Channel:

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Strange. Seems to me that it would have been pretty easy for Sergio to simply say, “Sorry about all that stuff, Tiger” while shaking his rival’s hand and leave it at that.

Still, it should come as no surprise that Tiger is all about business on the course not distractions off of it this week. It’s major time, and Woods needs to end his extended drought of major victories and this week may be his best shot to do so. He can address Sergio allegedly not issuing a personal apology next week if he is so inclined.