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Serena Williams’ new Twitter feature shows how her life rules, yours doesn’t (pics)


Serena Williams, fresh off her convincing victory over Maria Sharapova in the women’s French Open final, launched a new feature via her Twitter account on Tuesday.

Dubbed with the hashtag, “#SerenaGlamSlamCam,” the purported intention of the new feature is to avail her 3.75 million Twitter followers an inside look at her day-to-day life. Or, in other words, to demonstrate with photos just how much her life rules and how much yours does not when compared to her lavish lifestyle.

Serena launched her Twitter feature by contemplating exactly what she should call it:

She finally settled upon the moniker #SerenaGlamSlamCam”:

Indeed we do. Up next were some photos demonstrating just how glam Serena can get with her “#SerenaGlamSlamCam” hashtag.

First, Serena spending some time relaxing by the pool:

Maybe her dog wants to swim, too:

After that, Serena makes her way to the nail salon.

After that, look who she sees on the cover of a magazine at the nail salon:

After that, nail time!

Pow, indeed. Man, Serena is so damn glam with “#SerenaGlamSlamCam.” Count me as one of the jealous ones. I mean, look at those nails!

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