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Olivia Munn throws out first pitch at Dodgers game, performs well (pics/vid)


Olivia Munn, the Geek Goddess beloved by both nerds and admirers of attractive, talented and quirky women alike, threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday at Dodger Stadium.

Most impressive — in and above how nice Miss Munn looked in a Dodgers jersey — was how well she did, insofar as when her efforts are compared to the many hideous attempts at the same feat we have been forced to witness to over the years.

Granted, she did bounce it up to home plate, but as mentioned above, when compared to the ridiculously embarrassing efforts of other people, it wasn’t half-bad (via @Dodgers):

Munn currently stars on HBO’s Aaron Sorkin series, “The Newsroom,” but will always be remembered for the hijinks during her stint as co-host of G4’s “Attack of the Show,” where she first achieved her first sniff of fame and notoriety, primarily due to her willingness to do things such as make appearances at Comic-Con as Slave Leia:


But before we overload on the neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie-ness of Olivia Munn, let’s get back to the Dodgers game. Below are some photos of Miss Munn’s windup:


Not too shabby. And to illustrate that Munn is more than just a pretty face and possesses a wonderful sense of humor, here’s what she tweeted following her nerve-racking foray into making a ceremonial first pitch:


Fantastic. I can see that.