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Fathead to send Tim Tebow-Patriots Fathead to fan involved in shipping mixup


(imagine this, but in a Patriots uniform, fans in New England!)

Early last week, the saga involving a Tim Tebow Fathead sent in error caught our attention via an upset user on reddit who regaled the interwebs with a tale regarding his unfortunate experience with the Fathead company.

This fan, presumably a New England Patriots fan, had ordered a Tom Brady Fathead but when his package arrived, he discovered that he had been shipped a Tim Tebow Fathead in error. Oops.

The story continued and appeared to reach a resolution later in the week when the guy who was involved in the kerfuffle related to the “Case of the Mistaken Fathead Identity” revealed that Fathead had rectified the shipping gaffe by sending him a buttload of Tom Brady items that the company makes. Everybody wins, right?

Pretty much, but another chapter has been added to this tale in light of the news that Tim Tebow reportedly will be signing a deal with the New England Patriots.

Not skipping a beat, a public relations suit at Fathead has alerted the media and announced that the man at the center of the shipping mishap will now receive a Tim Tebow-in-a-Patriots-uniform Fathead just as soon as one is produced.

Here’s how it all played out, according to Fathead VP of Public Relations Brian Stevenson, as told to (via Laces Out):

The exec was happy to take credit for the trend and looked forward to building on it.

“All of those rabid Tebow fans and rabid New England fans, now they all have to get along,” Stevenson said. “And we feel like we started that. We feel like we bridged the gap and now we can get past it and we can hopefully sell the rest of the Tebow in his Jets uniform.

“Now, we’ll just wait for the great, new Tebow in New England Fathead. And we’ll send it to the masses. And the first one that we send out will be to the Reddit user who started it all.”

There you have it. It’s like the wheels that delivered Tim Tebow to the Patriots were set in motion due to a horrible shipping gaffe. It’s like cosmic forces conspired to create some kind of Fathead kismet. Or something.

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