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Bryce Harper spotted in Atlanta airport wearing bulky knee brace (photo)


As scheduled, Bryce Harper paid a visit to renowned orthopedist Dr. James Andrews at his clinic in Pensacola, Fla., on Monday. While the Washington Nationals phenom’s agent, Scott Boras, said that Harper underwent “no operative procedures,” during the visit, the slugger was spotted at the Atlanta airport on Tuesday sporting a pretty bulky brace on his wonky left knee.

While Boras added that the knee brace was “precautionary,” according to a Nationals Journal report and was being used to “just to keep [the] knee immobile,” the image of the second-year superstar in a brace — not to mention the sight of watching Harper going all out in attempts to make a play like he did a few weeks ago — probably will send Nationals fans into a frenzied panic. Further, it provides no reassurance whatsoever that Harper’s return to the lineup is imminent.

Tweeting on Tuesday morning that he had “met Bryce Harper, the former #1 MLB draft pick & Rookie of the Year.. no biggie,” below is the photo of Deshaun Smith posing with the Nationals outfielder (via @YoungSimba3):


Yeah, that’s a pretty huge knee brace. And while it may look bad, Harper did tweet the following on Monday evening:

Between that and the reports coming out of Harper’s camp, I suppose we’ll have to trust Scott Boras’ accounting of what exactly transpired at Dr. Andrews’ clinic and leave it at that, right? After all, if you can’t believe a sports agent, who can you trust in this crazy world?