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Watch Bill Belichick get sick of answering questions about Tim Tebow (video)


It was only his first press conference after the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow and head coach Bill Belichick — who is already gruff, testy and evasive with the media to begin with —  is already growing tired of every question being asked of him revolve around the team’s latest acquisition.

After ten questions about Tebow — and to give credit where credit is due, he did manage to crack one mini-joke, eliciting a smirk from the curmudgeonly coach — Belichick decided enough was enough, says, “I’ve answered that question twice.” followed by, “We’ve already talked enough about him.”

Ha, him. Belichick can scarcely bring himself to say Tebow’s name let alone talk about the guy. Fantastic. And so, so Belichickian.

And yet, if Belichick already has grown weary of Tebowmania, well, that ain’t good for old Bill. Just wait until Tom Brady’s first bad game. If Brady even has one of those in him. Then we’ll see Tebow Fever get kicked up a notch and this video will summarize Belichick’s thoughts on the team’s offseason decision to bring Tebow into the fold:

[H/T The Big Lead]