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Be the first dolt on your block to pre-order Tim Tebow/Patriots gear (photo)


That didn’t take long, did it? Mere minutes after the New England Patriots officially announced that for some unknown reason the organization has decided to sign Tim Tebow to a two-year deal — albeit reportedly with no guaranteed money (smart) — the Official New England Patriots Pro Shop is allowing prospective customers to pre-order the first batch of Tim Tebow gear.

The actual jersey isn’t available just yet, but here’s the description for the Nike Tim Tebow Game Jersey-White:

Tim Tebow has come to New England, and here is your chance to be the first fan to wear his jersey! The Nike Tim Tebow Game Jersey-White is a scaled down version of the jersey worn by player himself.

And for the reasonable price of $99.95, what Patriots fan doesn’t want to drape themselves in gear that adequately articulates that he or she is experiencing a rabid case of early-onset Tebowmania? Oh, the sane ones, you say? Gotcha.

Make note of how the Tim Tebow Game Jersey is a scaled-down version of the jersey worn by the player himself. It’s almost like how Tim Tebow is an extremely scaled-down version of the Patriots player he will back up himself, Tom Brady. A funny joke, except for Patriots fans, I guess.

Also worth noting: Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett already has dibs on Tebow’s preferred number of choice, 15. I wonder how that will be worked out.