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Forget caffeine, crazy-dancing Mariners fan was on something stronger (video)


The announcers opine at the beginning of the video — which shows a frenetically dancing, perhaps slightly unhinged, Seattle Mariners fan — that “the land of high octane coffee and espresso” may help explain this fellow’s madcap antics. But I beg to differ. From the looks of it, this guy was being fueled via the use of a far more energizing and illicit substance.

Apparently, this wild and crazy guy had been entertaining the fans at Safeco Field throughout Thursday’s game between the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees, which blows my mind because I got tired simply from watching him bounce all over the ever-loving place.


Cocaine’s a helluva drug. Better yet, “Crack is whack.” Or how about, “Any kind of speed is what I need.” Alternatively, “Methamphetamine may have gotten the best of me”?

Yeah, any of those would work. Also: A soundtrack of “Dancing with Myself” by Bill Idol.

On the other hand, maybe this guy is just high on life with a bump of a espresso or twelve thrown in for good measure. Maybe that’s why Ichiro stayed away from Starbucks during his stint in Seattle.