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Announcer kills it with fantastic Manny Ramirez home run call (video)


It certainly appears that the announcers who are chronicling Manny Ramirez’s exploits as he runs roughshod over Taiwanese baseball like some kind of baseball version of  “The Incredible Hulk” are enjoying the MLB import’s antics as much as Manny presumably has been over these past few months.

Check out this call of a recent Manny Ramirez home run where the announcer sprinkles in a little English to his description of the exciting events. This guy sets the bar so high I would suggest he — nor anyone else — even try topping it.

This really is as good as it gets:

“THIS BALL IS LONG GONE, JUST LIKE AN EX-GIRLFRIEND WHO. WILL. NEVER. RETURN!!!!!!” Boy, do I know what this guy is talking about. Wait. What?

Fan-freaking-tastic. Almost makes you want to bust out a stumbling moonwalk in celebration, doesn’t it?

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