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Kate Upton’s dancing on ‘The Other Woman’ set nearly ends in jiggly reveal (vid/pics)


As you may have heard, Miss Kate Upton is making a foray into acting and trying to make inroads into Hollywood by appearing in the film “The Other Woman” alongside costars Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz. And something tells me that if these photos and video from the set showing Upton barely averting a boobs-revealing disaster (?) while dancing are any indication, she’s going to make it after all (cue “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” theme).

It’s hard to believe for as long as it seems that she’s been an obsessed-upon figure (literally) that Kate Upton only turns 21 on Monday. Crazy.

Via the Daily Mail:

Sweet. Fancy. Moses. Certainly not her best dancing work (“Cat Daddy” wins that prize), but not too shabby, either.

Some photos:

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Wow. I, for one, expect big things from Kate Upton in Hollywood in the coming years. In fact, you could say that in short time, she will be one of LaLa Land’s “Big Knockers.”

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