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Ichiro spent 12 years in Seattle without realizing the city has tons of Starbucks


From what I have heard, there are several locations throughout the fine city of Seattle where a person can sit in a Starbucks and see another Starbucks by looking out the front window. Apparently, either Ichiro Suzuki didn’t spend a lot of time hanging out in Starbucks during his twelve seasons as a member of the Seattle Mariners or he kept his nose in a book or something while enjoying his Triple Venti Vanilla Lattes, because the great hitter cannot believe Seattle has so many of them.

Ichiro, now a member of the New York Yankees after an extremely successful stint with the Mariners, is in Seattle for a four-game stint with his new team — well, actually it is his second season with the Bronx Bombers — delivered a phenomenal quote regarding his amazement at the pervasive presence Starbucks — founded in Seattle in 1971 — has in the city.

Via the Twitter account of Andy McCullough, the Yankees beat writer for The Star-Ledger:

The next words out of Ichiro’s mouth: Nirvana and Pearl Jam were from Seattle, too? And this is where “Frasier” took place??? You gotta be kidding me! Fantastic, in an unaware, whimsical, head-in-the-clouds kind of way.

To clarify just how many Starbucks there are in Seattle, Eye on Baseball provides this nifty little map detailing the near omnipresence of Starbucks in Seattle:


All this, despite the fact that Starbucks honored Ichiro in 2005 to commemorate his single season record of 262 hits during the 2004 season with a one-of-a-kind card:


Gee whiz.