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Fathead rectifies Tim Tebow Fathead-for-Tom Brady Fathead gaffe (photo)


Earlier this week, reddit user “frigidcoke” made a stink on the Internet — understandably — about receiving a Tim Tebow Fathead in the mail (above) when he in fact had ordered a Fathead bearing the likeness of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Well, the aforementioned stink was noticed by sports blogs near and far and the subsequent coverage garnered the attention of the folks at Fathead.

Realizing that amends needed to be made and the mistake had to be rectified — not to mention realizing that there is no such thing as bad publicity — “frigidcoke” has alerted the interwebs of the company’s extreme generosity in its efforts to make things right.

Via frigidcoke:

Update from the Brady/Tebow Fathead Screw-Up Scandal: I just got this overnighted, 40 pound package from Fathead. Every single Brady poster they make, roughly $1000 worth of merchandise. Just wanted to be fair and give full disclosure …

The following photo accompanied the message:


Not too shabby of a haul. This guy is going to have the coolest office this side of Fathead headquarters. Or the worst, depending on one’s point of view. I bet Tom Brady and his new hairstyle would dig it.

Regardless, bravo, Fathead. Way to take lemons and turn them into lemonade.

[H/T For the Win]