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David Ortiz hits walk-off, removes jersey to reveal ‘Famous as F**’k’ shirt (video)


Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz ended the team’s game against the Texas Rangers in dramatic fashion on Thursday, smashing a three-run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning off Michael Kirkman to lead the BoSox to a 6-3 win.

And the fireworks Ortiz created at the plate were merely an opening act of sorts for what happened after Big Papi crossed the plate following his 11th career walk-off home run.

It all had to do with his undershirt, which everyone was provided a peek because Ortiz ripped off his jersey during the postgame celebration. On the back of the shirt, as you can see above, a simple, understated and eloquently worded message: “Famous as F**k.”


Ortiz’s heroics were good enough on their own — especially in light of the Rangers opting to intentionally walk Dustin Pedroia immediately ahead of his at-bat — but the shirt capped the clutch performance (via

Awesome. You go, Big Papi. There’s no arguing that the guy, especially in Boston, is as “famous as f**k.” And given that Ortiz is the Red Sox player who dropped an f-bomb during his speech to the Fenway Park faithful during a speech in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at all of Ortiz’s choice of under-jersey attire.