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Colorado Rockies fan with mohawk developing cult-like kiddie following (vid)


Colorado Rockies fan Joshua Pugh shows his support for his favorite MLB baseball team by sporting a rocking purple mohawk. The outrageous hairdo is frequently highlighted by some sort of nod to the Rockies and he has garnered himself plenty of attention at Coors Field as well as around the interwebs.

He is now developing a bit of a mohawk army comprised of kiddies who have fallen under his spell of mohawked awesomeness. First it was this wee lad, Jacob McNeely. Now Reverend Mohawk has attracted another member to his following.

Behold, Mini Mohawk Man.

Check out the little tyke taken in the sights and sounds at the ballpark during Colorado’s 6-5 loss at the hands of the San Diego Padres (via

Sure, it’s cute now, but how are the citizens of the Greater Denver Area going to feel when a cult-like army of mohawked kiddie Rockies fans are marching through the streets with Pugh leading them? Not very good, that’s how. If it happens. Which it probably won’t.

[H/T Cut4]