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Sharks fans lose bet, have to get matching temporary Kings tattoos (photo)


A couple of San Jose Sharks fans, obviously feeling tremendously overconfident after their favorite NHL team’s easily dispatched the Vancouver Canucks in the first round, made a bet with some office colleagues over the outcome of the Western Conference semifinals showdown between the Sharks and the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

The wager? The losers had to get temporary tattoos featuring the image of the winning team’s logo emblazoned somewhere upon their bodies.

Obviously, the Kings came out on top. And granted, a temporary tattoo is just that — temporary — but as is argued in the losing duo’s accounting of the events, “The Shame is Permanent.”

To make matters worse, the temporary tattoos took the form of pseudo-tramp stamps, with one-half of the Kings logo on the lower back of each guy:


No bueno. One of the losers (the guy on the right) explains it all to Puck Daddy:

A couple of the guys in my office made a bet on the Sharks Kings series. The results are pretty funny and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. Our office is pretty casual, we ended up documenting the whole process in – and I use the term loosely – a photo shoot.

The other guy is my co-worker, Brian Debelle. We work on the same team and felt confident in the Sharks prospects after they swept Vancouver. The bet was who ever lost had to get the Kings/Sharks Tattoo and share it on all of their social media (Debelle is a cowboy/manly man, so he was particularly shameful). His parents are not proud.

The esteemed Greg Wyshynski also passed along the Twitter handles of the two dudes who had temporary tramp stamp Kings tattoos and should be mocked and ridiculed endlessly for it. Those Twitter handles are: @buckleyourbeltz and @thebriandebelle.

Let the merciless shaming begin.