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Satirical article claims NBA changed logo to include LeBron James flopping (pic)


A fantastic piece of satire from the fine folks at The Heckler imagines what it would be like if Commissioner David Stern bit the bullet, admitted that flopping is here to stay and the league might as well accept it. In fact, the NBA might as well incorporate flopping into its logo. Even better, why not use the league’s most popular player, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James, in the new flopping logo?

David Stern announced this weekend that the NBA’s iconic logo will be replaced with an image LeBron James in an all-too famous pose, flopping away trying to draw a foul.

“It looks like the original silhouette on the logo is running over LeBron but we all know LeBron is acting” said Stern. ” I mean, come on, everyone knows LeBron flops like a fish out of water any chance he gets.”

Fantastic. Well played. Well played, indeed.

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