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Packers running back has fist-sized cyst near his lung removed (photo)


Green Bay Packers running back DuJuan Harris is thanking his lucky stars that he had to undergo a physical on Monday after team physicians discovered a large cyst near his lung during a routine minicamp examintion. In fact, it has been described as “fist-sized,” which is pretty huge, no matter the fist, even an tiny little infant fist, for crying out loud.

Harris underwent surgery on Tuesday after the discovery and his agent expressed his client’s gratitude for how things played out. “He’s very thankful for regular checkups,” Dave Lee, said Wednesday. “Thankfully, the cyst wasn’t cancerous. The interesting thing was that he played with it last season, but they didn’t find it until now.”

Harris also took to Twitter and Instagram to address the discovery of the cyst and subsequent surgery and upload a photo of himself following the procedure.

Via @‏Ol_sLy_Foxx:

And the attached photo, uploaded to Instagram, which documents the area where an incision was made on his chest to remove the cyst:


Yowsers. Harris tweeted the following messages on Wednesday:

Crazy stuff, man.

[H/T Eye on Football]