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Kid plays hardball negotiating return of Puig’s first career homer (video)


As noted earlier, Los Angeles Dodgers insta-phenom Yasiel Puig hit his first and second career home runs in the big leagues on Tuesday night in a game against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium. The young fan who managed to scoop up the ball from Puig’s first career round-tripper explains in the video below the tenuous negotiations that were occurring between himself and a Dodgers team representative as it related to the return of the treasured personal memento to Puig and how he would be compensated for giving up the ball.

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Wait. His dad is the one who scored the ball? This kid is good.

Said the savvy young man about the give-and-take that occurred: “I said, in order for me to give the ball to them, it’s a signed bat. And then, since now, I’m saying since it’s so difficult, why not just give me a signed bat and a jersey?”

Now that’s how you play the game and get what you want in life, kids. Although there’s no word on whether or not playing hardball got the kid all the Dodgers booty he requested. Still, you have to admire the young man’s mad wheeling and dealing skills.

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