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Jeremy Lin impersonates James Harden and Chandler Parsons on Instagram (pic)


Remember Jeremy Lin? Yeah, the Linsanity dude. Well, Mr. Lin, now with the Houston Rockets in case you have forgotten, has been engaging his followers and fans on Twitter by orchestrating a “Fan Appreciation Week,” a day-to-day contest of sorts.

In its third day on Wednesday — Day 2 was a Rockets Artwork Contest, by the way — Lin uploaded photos of himself to Instagram in which he attempts to impersonate teammates James Harden (the guy with the big beard) and Chandler Parsons (faux hawk-esque hairstyle dude).

The contest rules for the latest installment and description of the pics are as follows:

Fan Appreciation Week Day 3: Rockets Impersonation Contest! Post (and tag @jlin7) a picture on instagram of you impersonating a Rockets player(s). Heres my sample of @jharden13 on the left and @chandler_parsons on the right. Be creative and winners announced tonight!

Below are Lin’s best efforts at resembling his teammates:


Well done, Lin. Although Harden is a pretty easy guy to impersonate. Just strap a ginormous beard and voila! Heck, a building, a cake (with nightmare fuel as its secret ingredient) and even a fruit salad can be easily made to resemble Harden. I just hope that Harden and/or Parson do not respond in kind and attempt to impersonate Jeremy Lin on social media. That has possibly ugly incident potential written all over it.

The assumption is that “tonight” actually means Thursday evening as nothing has been posted to Lin’s Twitter account announcing said winners. So do your best, Rockets fans, and good luck.

[image via Instagram]