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Igo Mendoza Gallegos drops second San Antonio Spurs playoff anthem (video)


Who is Igo Mendoza Gallegos, you ask? Only the greatest San Antonio Spurs superfan who is cranking out must-listen-to playoff anthems, that’s who!

I must admit, I missed it when Igo Mendoza Gallegos dropped his first single dedicated to the now-deep playoff run of the San Antonio Spurs. When Sr. Gallegos released his first Spurs-inspired track, “Go Espurs Go,” it was only mid-May, when the team was in the midst of dispatching its second round playoff opponent, the Golden State Warriors.

But with the Spurs headed into an epic battle with the formidable Miami Heat in the NBA Finals beginning on Thursday, Senor Gallegos dropped a second track on Wednesday.

Entitled, “Puro Espurs,” it might be just what the Spurs — and the team’s fans — need to vanquish the hated Heat and secure yet another NBA title.

But first, his song from May, “Go Espurs Go”:

And now, for the NBA Finals, his latest track, “Puro Espurs”:

Fantastic! Or better yet, OLE! (Am I using that right?)

Have to be honest, folks, I’m digging the tuneage. It’s a trip, it’s got a funky beat and I can bug out to it.

¡Go Espuros!

[H/T The Basketball Jones]