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Grown man runs over child to snag ball during Mariners-White Sox game (video)

seattle-mariners-guy-runs-over-kid If I noted that it was a grand slam ball, would that make any difference? Yeah, didn’t think so. Anyway, it was a doozy of a humdinger of a ballgame at Safeco Field on Wednesday as the Seattle Mariners hosted the Chicago White Sox. The game ended after sixteen innings with the visiting ChiSox beating the Mariners by a score of 7-5.

While those details in and of themselves would make for a compelling baseball game, there are some other pertinent details of what transpired that made the game seem straight out of Bizarro World.

The two squads combined for no runs through the first thirteen innings and then in the 14th inning, blam-o! Ten runs were scored. Crazy stuff.

In the top half of the inning, the White Sox pounded in five runs, a lead that should have held up and everyone could have went along on their merry way, but White Sox closer Addison Reed surrendered five runs in the bottom of the 14th, including four runs courtesy of a grand slam by Kyle Seager with two outs. So close, yet so far.

The ChiSox added two additional runs in the top of the 16fh and that concluded the extra inning festivities as the Mariners couldn’t match the offensive output this time.

But the grand slam by Seager is the impetus of the writing of this post.

You see, a grown adult male was so eager to get his mitts on the grand slam ball off Seager’s bat that he bowled over a child in his quest for souvenir glory (via

Simply disgraceful. Certainly not the first time this kind of behavior has been seen at a ballpark involving an adult and a child and a souvenir ball. And it certainly will not be the last.

I would label that as a shameful example of “Men Behaving Badly.” But not as a reference to the lame American version but the earlier British version of the show.

Speaking of comedies, something about what occurred in the stands at Safeco Field on Wednesday reminds me of a scene in another classic television show:

Yep. That’s about right. Even better, a “Seinfeld” reference at that.

And you gotta love Jon Favreau as the clown in that scene. Classic.

[H/T It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]