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Alex Rodriguez issues statement about his most recent controversy

a-rod centaur

Year after year, scandal after scandal, centaur painting after — well, there was only one alleged centaur painting — New York Yankees much maligned (and currently rehabbing) and always scrutinized third baseman Alex Rodriguez once again finds his name in the epicenter of yet another full-blown Major League Baseball train wreck of a controversy.

This time, A-Rod is embroiled in a scandal related to the circulating reports that he and many other big leaguers are looking down a barrel loaded with severe and extreme punishments due to their alleged affiliation with Biogenesis clinic and its director, Tony Bosch, who reportedly is about to turn state’s evidence, to put it in the vernacular of organized crime. Which it isn’t really.

The legal ramifications and all the other assorted speculation is better handled by those way above my pay scale, but it wouldn’t hurt to pass along A-Rod’s statement on the matters.

“Myself and others are being mentioned in a media report before the process is even concluded.  I would hope this thing would follow the guidelines of our Basic Agreement.  I will monitor the situation and comment when appropriate. As I have said previously, I am working out every day to get back on the field and help the Yankees win a championship.  I am down here doing my job and working hard and will continue to do so until I’m back playing.”

As Hardball Talk notes and A-Rod mentions, the fact that the news was leaked by someone in Major League Baseball does violate the condition of confidentiality required by the Joint Drug Agreement. So, Alex Rodriguez has that going for him. Which is nice. But probably won’t make a lick of difference after this entire sordid saga shakes itself out. After all, A-Rod is everybody’s favorite whipping boy. The archives of this here site more than make that certifiable truth abundantly clear.