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Woman unaware of pregnancy gives birth during training for half-marathon


On Sunday, Trish Staine was training to run the half-marathon during the upcoming Grandma’s Marathon on June 22 in Duluth, Minn., when she began to experience some back stiffness.

The pain began to intensify on Monday, so much so that her husband John reports that she was “screaming, crying and yelling out.”

So, after running a nine-mile race on Sunday and believing it to be nothing more than an extreme case of after-run soreness, Staine relied on pain relievers and baths to help dull the discomfort. But nothing helped.

Finally, after the pain became unbearable, an ambulance was called and Staine was taken to Duluth’s Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Medical Center.

A short time later, she gave birth, despite having no idea that she was pregnant. So a woman, presumably in fantastic shape, training for a marathon, had no idea she was pregnant. In fact, her husband insists it looked like she had lost weight. Wow.

The couple, who already have kids — two biological and two foster children — named the new arrival Mira, short for “Miracle.”

“It was like a dream,” said John. “I wanted to make sure it was real.”

Even crazier? John had previously had a vasectomy. Great googly moogly.

And new mom Trish, despite being sidetracked in her training (to put it mildly) still plans to run the half-marathon in a couple of weeks.

“We paid for it,” said, John, talking about the marathon’s entry fee. “They’ve already cashed the check.”

Yeah, the couple already paid for a vasectomy, too. How’s that working out for them.

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