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Was Aaron Rodgers wrong for spoiling ‘Game of Thrones’ episode on Twitter?


On Monday, like many fans of the phenomenal HBO series “Game of Thrones,” Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was left blown away and speechless as a result of the mind-blowing ending of “The Rains of Castamere,” the second-to-last episode of the show’s third season that aired on Sunday.

Where Rodgers ultimately caught some heat from his followers was for how he more or less spoiled (for those who haven’t read the books, either) what happened in the tragic scene at the conclusion of the episode during the arranged wedding between Edmure Tully and Roslin, the daughter of Walder Frey.

For those of you who haven’t watched the episode yet, it was a real doozy, but by discussing Rodgers’ commentary on the episode, please be forewarned, spoilers are coming.

Here’s what Rodgers tweeted out on Monday:

Rodgers did not go into great detail regarding the tragic consequences the Starks suffered as a result of Robb’s betrayal an oath he made to marry a Tully girl. Still, for those who haven’t seen it, enough was revealed to make folks aware that something big went down during the episode.

So, the question is: Did Rodgers violate any code of conduct by broadcasting the above tweet to his followers?

The answer is no. Rodgers mentions his theory that after 24 hours, anyone who hasn’t watched a show is S.O.L. as it relates to spoiler alerts and so on:

Further, assuming that any follower of Rodgers on Twitter also follow other like-minded individuals, it’s reasonable to assume that those people also could likely be avid viewers of “Game of Thrones,” so the chance that some other person would mention something about the show is likely.

The best advice for anyone who hasn’t watched a particular episode of an immensely popular television show? Stay the hell of the Internet, particularly social media. Duh.

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