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Oooh! Tom Brady debuts new spiky hairdo during CNBC appearance (video)


When you want hard-hitting, in-depth and relevant NFL offseason news, you better head to Sportress of Blogitude, kiddos. That explains why there was little choice but to cover the breaking news about how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady debuted a new hairdo during an appearance on CNBC Wednesday morning. It’s spiky now, you see.

And if that isn’t big-time NFL news, well, I’m not sure what kind of news is more important than this recent development.

Brady was joined by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank to talk about, um, I’m not quite sure. I tried to listen but I was far too captivated with Tom Brady’s hair to actually pay attention to what was being said.

Here’s a look at a side-view of the new ‘do:


Video via CNBC:

Fantastic. Yes, I’m talking about the hair. Almost as dazzling as this hairstyle from 2012.

For the purposes of comparison, Business Insider produced this photo of Brady’s appearance at the Met Ball a few weeks back — yes, the very same event at which Tiger Woods appeared to be schnockered — alongside his gorgeous wife, Gisele B√ľndchen:


Stunning. And yes, I’m once again talking about Tom Brady’s hair, not Gisele. Majestic, even. But I gotta say, I like the new ‘do better. It’s more spiky, you see.