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Fan orders Tom Brady Fathead, receives Tim Tebow one instead (photo)


A presumed New England Patriots fan who goes by the reddit user name of “frigidcoke” uploaded a photo that documented an egregious error committed by the folks working in the shipping department on the day he placed an order with the company.

Writing on reddit, “Ordered a Tom Brady fathead for my new office. Opened up the package and got this. You’ve gotta be f-ing kidding me,” what you see below is what this poor, poor fan received in a shipment that only can be described as a colossal case of mistaken NFL quarterback identity.

Via reddit:


A couple of questions come up in light of this incident. Firstly, and no offense to this individual — people should be allowed to interior decorate as he or she sees fit — but who puts up a Fathead on the wall in one’s office? That holds true regardless of whether said Fathead features the image of an all-time NFL great or an over-hyped player who will never realize the potential that arguably was never there at all in the first place. I suppose a Fathead works for a home office, though.

Secondly, and once again by no means do I intend to besmirch this unidentified fan — as people are free to spend his or her money on whatever they like — but people still are ordering Fatheads? I did not know that.