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Hot Dodgers fans in hot dog hats leads to amusing announcer exchange (video)


Yasiel Puig’s first two big league home runs weren’t the only fireworks going off as the Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night.

The appearance of two very attractive young women sitting behind home plate on the monitors of Padres announcers Dick Enberg and Mark Grant led to a brilliant exchange.

These two beautiful gals happened to be wearing Dodger Dog hats and that sparked a curious back-and-forth between Enberg and Grant about how Grant “crushed two of those after the game last night,” leading to Enberg’s confusion about exactly what were the two things that Grant crushed, the Dodger Dogs or attractive Dodgers fans.

This is simply brilliant:

The exchange between Enberg and Grant:

Grant: Hey, hot dog heads!

Enberg: Hubba Hubba!

Grant: I crushed two of those last night after the game.

Enberg: Oh, the hot dogs, yeah. You crushed those.

Brilliant, especially the brief but detectable dead air that occurs immediately after the exchange.

Once again, Enberg goes with the “Hubba Hubba!” comment when presented with the appearance of an attractive woman (or women), the same thing he said on an occasion last season when a cute Padres ball girl made a spectacular catch.

Hubba Hubba! Dick Enberg, you dirty old man.

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