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Fan in stands shows mad skills by snagging Kelly Shoppach’s flying bat (video)


During the Chicago White Sox-Seattle Mariners tilt at Safeco Field on Tuesday, one lucky fan snagged himself a souvenir — and helped prevent serious injury either to himself or those fans seated around him — by snatching Kelly Shoppach’s bat after the Mariners catcher lost his grip on a heavy swing.

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The big cut resulted in a strikeout for Shoppach and the subsequent flight of an incredibly dangerous wooden projectile, along with some catlike reflexes of this guy sitting a few rows behind the White Sox dugout, resulted in the procurement of a pretty awesome keepsake from an outing at the ballpark.

Also, a dramatic reduction of severe injuries by Safeco Field patrons from possibly several to none was also an added benefit of this guy’s ability to catch the bat, because that bad boy was flying into the stands with some real velocity.

Everybody wins! Except for Kelly Shoppach, I guess. He still was the victim of a strikeout and a horrible case of butterfingers. That’s too bad for him.

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