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Dunkin Donuts tweets unintentionally amusing image of Eli Manning (photo)

As Jack Dickey over at Deadspin so astutely points out, even though the Dunkin Donuts Twitter account operator who is responsible for the below tweet may really want to see it, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning does not appear to be enjoying his IceDD coffee.

Via Twitter:


Ha. It’s even more amusing all blown up. Eli reminds me of a grumpy kid who doesn’t want anything to do with having his school picture taken but knows if he doesn’t at least show a minimal effort to smile there will be trouble with mom and dad.

In fact, Eli Manning looks much less like a guy who is enjoying a Dunkin Donuts beverage and more like Fred the Baker, the guy who begrudgingly wakes up in the middle of the night to head to his job because it’s “Time to make the donuts.”

You know, from the company’s classic commercials? You guys remember those spots, right? Oh, am I appealing to the wrong demographic here by referencing an ad campaign from the 1980s?

Darn whippersnappers with their highfalutin TiVo fast-forwarding and whatnot probably wouldn’t know what I was referencing even if Fred the Baker was doing commercials nowadays. Nobody watches commercials anymore, consarnit.