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Dennis Eckersley after BoSox blowout win: ‘We gotta recap this s**t? (video)


Dennis Eckersley, who serves as a studio analyst during Boston Red Sox games on NESN, couldn’t hide his disappointment that part of his job description listed the duty of providing postgame analysis following all kinds of games. That excruciating aspect of his job apparently is especially unbearable after a game that got out of hand, such as was the case on Tuesday night after the Red Sox took the Rangers out back behind the woodshed with a 17-5 drubbing.

After a seemingly inordinate amount of time had passed with no commentary from the broadcasting team — at least long after Dennis Eckersley believed that the broadcast had cut to commercial — Eck can be heard uttering, “We gotta recap this s**t?”

Hot mic! Hot mic!

Can’t say that I blame Eckersley for his unhappiness. Then again, there are worse things that Eckersley could have bene doing than having to provide postgame analysis following a game that got out of hand. Listening to Eckersley provide postgame analysis following a game that got out of hand comes to mind.

BAM! Hey-ohhhhhh!

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