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Mohawk-sporting, toga-wearing Heat fan pleased to see he’s on TV (GIF)

A Miami Heat fan, rocking a toga with his hair done up in a mohawk, obviously a nod to the similarly styled hair of Heat big man Chris Andersen, a/k/a “Birdman,” caught a glimpse of himself on a cameraman’s monitor during the Game 7 showdown between the Heat and the Indiana Pacers, and as you can plainly see, he is tremendously pleased that all the effort during his pregame preparation to make himself more likely to stand out in the crowd paid enormous dividends.

Those dividends of course being that he likely will be mocked and ridiculed on the Internet for his decision to wear a toga to an NBA game. Not by me, of course, I’m not mean-spirited. But there are those out there on the interwebs — I know, it’s a troubling realization — who enjoy making fun of people. Crazy world. Almost makes you want to throw on a toga, style your hair into a mohawk and never leave the house and face the cruel, cruel world ever again.

Or, alternatively, this guy could join the posse of Justin Bieber, who also went the unconventional route with his Game 7 attire. Something tells me this guy and the Biebs would get along famously.

[H/T The Big Lead]