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This infographic about Nationals star Bryce Harper is informative, impressive (pic)


Not much setup required here. Simply take in all the enlightening information that can be gleaned from this infographic about Bryce Harper created by Statographics and and proceed to impress your friends, co-workers and disinterested fellow riders on mass transit with your knowledge regarding everything there is to know about the young Washington Nationals superstar.

It has it all: “Clown question, bro” documentation, how he is arguably the biggest (and still rising) young star in Major League Baseball and other assorted stats, highlights and so on and so forth.


Good stuff. But why nothing about him once describing batting without gloves as hurting “like a dick” or his Chipotle card or even his brother’s fantastic mustache? I guess the infographic can’t cover all the bases, pun intended.

[H/T The Roosevelts]