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When Roy Hibbert chugs a Gatorade, he really chugs a Gatorade (video)


Just because the Indiana Pacers came up well short of upending the Miami Heat on Monday night during the teams’ Game 7 showdown does not mean that maximum effort was not exerted by the players. Take Roy Hibbert, for instance.

During a break in the action late in the third quarter and the Heat well in command, Hibbert, who had a workmanlike (although not dominant) performance in the loss (18 points, 8 rebounds), takes down a bottle of Gatorade like nobody’s business.

Via The Gregory Brothers:

While I generally prefer my Gatorade videos, Vines and whatnot to feature a sideline reporter being doused with a huge jug of it, that, kids, is how you chug down a bottle of “Thirst-Aid.”. Hibbert must have had that “deep-down body thirst.” Because, you know, old slogans.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]