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Pregnant Angels fan’s baby bump painted to look like a baseball (photo)


Gotta Support the Team: In Utero Edition. Pictured above is Courtney Stitzinger, a Los Angeles Angels fan who attended the team’s tilt against the Houston Astros on Monday.

Sadly, it was a losing effort for her favorite team, but Stitzinger, as you can plainly see, is with child and the due date for Baby Wyatt is sometime in July, so the pregnant gal — celebrating her birthday, no less — decided to paint up her bulging baby bump to look like a baseball, stitches and all.

Pretty creative, and I certainly applaud Miss Stitzinger’s dedication to America’s Pastime, but let’s hope she doesn’t inspire brewski-guzzling buffoons of the male gender to paint their beer bellies to look like baseballs. That wouldn’t be good for anybody.

[H/T Big League Stew]