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Polish American Football League player scores on amazing punt return (video)


Two things that are equally mind-blowing: There is something called the Polish American Football League (a league featuring American-style football based in Poland, not a bunch of Polish-Americans playing football) and the fact that a player toiling in this league could bust off this incredible 75-yard punt return for a touchdown.

Clarence Anderson, punt returner extraordinaire for the Warsaw Eagles but honed his football skills at the NAIA’s Ottawa University (in Kansas, not Canada), breaks this unbelievable punt return for a TD, all the while starting and stopping, popping and juking and shimmying and shaking while eluding would-be tacklers before finally changing course, reversing field twice before huffing it into the end zone.

Check out this Anderson kid’s silky moves (via ESPN YouTube)

Wow. I will bestow the following name on this play: The Warsaw Pact, even though it makes little to no sense as a reference except that this Anderson fellow plays for a team based in Warsaw.

Nifty play. Even niftier: That somehow a player who is not Polish-American plays in a Polish American Football League who hails from Ottawa but not the Ottawa in Canada can score such a mind-boggling touchdown on a punt return in a league that most folks have never heard of. That’s kooky talk.