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Lindsey Vonn says she and Tiger Woods click because they’re ‘similar’


For the time being, it appears that Lindsey Vonn has no trouble whatsoever discussing her relationship with Tiger Woods. And while that is a nice thing for those of us who for some reason take interest in the love lives of superstar athletes, one has to wonder how long the notoriously private Tiger will tolerate continuing quotes from Miss Vonn about the couple’s still-budding romance.

Vonn was attending the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York in New York on Monday and the Olympics skiing champ cited how similar the two are to each other as the main reason why the two are so happy together.

“We just are happy,” Vonn told People. “We’re similar. We’re both at the top of our sports, and we relate really well to each other.”

Sadly, Tiger apparently was unable to attend another highfalutin, high society event in New York (perhaps he needed the time to work on his game after a horrid performance over the weekend in the Memorial Tournament) — disappointing because we all remember the last time Vonn had Woods escort her to one of these shindigs.

And while Vonn currently is working hard to rehab her knee following surgery in February after suffering a devastating injury during a super-G race in Schladming, Austria (from which she allegedly flew home in Tiger’s private jet, the first hint that the two were more than friends), Vonn is only doing strength work, not skiing, a situation that has made it easier for her and Tiger to spend quality time together.

“There’s not much distance,” Vonn said. “I’m just in the gym right now, so I can be anywhere. I’m not skiing until September. So, it’s been great. We haven’t really been apart that much.”

Good for them. And so much the better as it affords her the ability to keep her eye on the once-notorious, skirt-chasing philanderer, right? Just saying.