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Gah! College baseball player drilled square in the balls by pitch (video)


During an NCAA regional match-up on Sunday between Cal State Fullerton and Arizona State, a pitch got away from Sun Devils right-hander Josh McAlister, darting hard inside on Titans batter Austin Kingsolver. So far inside, in fact, that Kingsolver couldn’t get out of the way, and the 70 mph slider on a 3-2 count drilled him right in the nuts.

Yamma hamma.

Thankfully, the sound of the ball striking the cup clearly is audible, so it’s a relief to know that Kingsolver was wearing one. Not that  the presence of the cup takes away any of the impulse of most men to shift and squirm uncomfortably in their chairs at the mere thought of having this happen to them.

Still, whether it be a 70 mph slider, a 40 mph soft toss or whatever and regardless of whether or not a protective cup is being utilized, seeing a ball come bearing down right in the direction of one’s man parts must be a terrifying experience. Yeesh.

At least Kingsolver could enjoy after the conclusion of the game that he and his teammates eliminated Arizona State with a 6-1 win. Although while doing so as he sat in a tub of ice, presumably expressing great gratitude to the gods that he was okay despite how close he had come to having his manhood irreparably damaged.

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